Conference Day One : Tuesday, 16 May 2017

08:30 AM - 09:00 AM Coffee & Registration

09:00 AM - 09:10 AM Opening Remarks from Conference Chairperson


09:10 AM - 09:50 AM How to Build a Modern Claims Experience: The Disconnect Between Insurers’ Value Proposition and Today’s Customers

simon grant, Head of Claims, Cover-More Group
Claims have become the next battleground for winning and retaining customers, and insurers are exploring new ways to apply people, process and technology to create a superior customer experience. Today’s market is brimming with opportunity and is not very forgiving for those who fail to grasp the possibilities. Successful claims transformation is catching on as a means to achieve customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Now more than ever, businesses that don’t meet customer expectations stand to lose real revenue, reputation, and return on investment. So how do you boost your claims function into the next decade?
  • What is the future direction of the claims experience and how can we strategically prepare?
  • Beyond the buzzwords and hype, what do customers really want?
  • Finding the sweet spot between digitalisation and human interaction
  • Getting the balance right between process and digital
  • The disconnect between life insurers’ value proposition and today’s customers
  • How can we deliver more efficient, customer centric services to attract and retain customers? \
  • Becoming agile: will this help deliver more sustainable customer service? If so, how do we embed agility?

simon grant

Head of Claims
Cover-More Group

09:50 AM - 10:30 AM Artificial Intelligence vs Human Interaction With the Customer

Lokesh Thondavada, Senior Claims Advisor – Broking Services, Willis Towers Watson
The benefit of AI alone goes beyond productivity; it delivers timeliness, accuracy, and predictive capabilities. But in reality, how significantly is it going to affect and have a positive influence on your claims operations? Implementing it can be a challenge, especially when there is a slight change in existing infrastructure. In an environment where most organisations are still grappling with this and figuring out exactly what AI can realistically and sustainably deliver on, this big ideas presentation will delve into the delicate balance of human vs robot customer interaction.
  • Is AI Just Hype or Will it Dramatically Improve the Claims Landscape?
  • Is RPA actually worth the time and effort?
  • What will actually change: what do operations look like with AI vs the human interaction?
  • What does an organisation with robots realise in productivity and cost gains?
  • How can we balance AI with human-customer contact and how dot he two complement each other?

Lokesh Thondavada

Senior Claims Advisor – Broking Services
Willis Towers Watson

10:30 AM - 10:50 AM Speed Networking

10:50 AM - 11:20 AM Morning Tea

11:20 AM - 12:00 PM THINK TANK : Human Centred Design: Reimagining What the Customer Wants to Reengineer Process and Deliver a Personalised Claims Experience

Kathryn Wood, Head of Short Tail Claims, QBE Amelia Butler, National Manager, Member Service, REST Industry Super
Improving customer relationships across all touch points is crucial if you are to provide a seamless experience. HCD enables you to understand your customer and design a customised service to improve retention. Once you understand the basics, how do you go about realising real results? QBE has realised major gains in customer satisfaction, as has REST industry Super through adopting HCD methodologies and adjusting their end-to-end process service delivery process to embed the insights into their operations.
  • Innovative Service Design: Reimagining the Customer Journey
  • Mapping the Customer Journey
  • How do you go about embedding HCD in your organisation?
  • Improving customer relationships across all touch points is crucial if you are to provide a seamless experience

Kathryn Wood

Head of Short Tail Claims

Amelia Butler

National Manager, Member Service
REST Industry Super

12:00 PM - 12:40 PM How WorkCover Queensland Has Adopted an Agile and Digital Approach to Improve Product Design and Development

Liz Raw, Customer Experience Consultant, WorkCover Queensland (TBC)
The organization is now at the point of moving forward, training staff and embedding the transformation to get all staff onboard with the fundamentals of CX.

Instead of thinking themselves what would be good for the customer, they are switching the lens to the customer and seeking from the customers perspective – what do they actually need and value?

Sharing their journey:
  • Initiating the use of customer insights to drive CX improvement.
  • Using an agile approach
  • Arriving at a metric to measure the overall experience
  • Guiding principles – where they came from
  • Incorporating the customer into everyday practice – customer in action program
  • Considering what governance or systems are needed to enable the designing for the customer

Liz Raw

Customer Experience Consultant
WorkCover Queensland (TBC)

12:40 PM - 1:40 PM Networking Lunch

1:40 PM - 2:20 PM Vodafone’s Service Design Makeover: Reengineering Service Delivery and Organisation Design to Boost CX

Agnieszka Hatton, Head of Customer Experience, Vodafone
Much of service design is found in the design of processes and systems but people also play a key role in service delivery. Basic design principles can be applied across the service design and implementation phases to ensure a successful customer centric transformation.
  • Using customer research and insights to understand the customer’s end-to-end journey and identify key touchpoints
  • Designing a cross-functional program of work to drive improvements for customers
  • Leveraging Design Thinking to enable a customer led approach to the design of new products and services
  • Implementing a new operating model and practices to empower the front line and drive continuous improvement

Agnieszka Hatton

Head of Customer Experience

2:20 PM - 3:00 PM Millennials, Mobiles and Money: Creating Valued Personalisation

Rocky Scopelliti, Global Industry Executive - Banking, Finance & Insurance, Telstra
Telstra has conducted a new study across 8 APAC countries, the UK and USA, providing a 360-degree review of disruption and a glimpse of the next generation of financial services. One of the largest published global studies on the topics, the report is a window into how the enigmatic Gen Y will transform the industry. Business models with the greatest disruptive impact are likely to be platform based, data intensive and capital light. The ‘platformifi cation’ of institutions will require them to operate differently, and digitally.
  • How this enigmatic generation of self-styled entrepreneurs will transform fi nancial services to fi t their digitally driven lifestyles
  • How digital technology will fuse fi nancial and lifestyle services blurring the boundaries between industries, products and providers
  • How next generation blockchain, cloud, data analytics, security and digital technologies will enable institutions to create distributed and autonomous transaction, risk management, investment and fi nancing services

Rocky Scopelliti

Global Industry Executive - Banking, Finance & Insurance

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Afternoon Tea


3:30 PM - 4:10 PM THINK TANK : Leveraging Behavioural Economics and Human-Centred Design to Transform Service Delivery and CX

Amelia Butler, National Manager, Member Service, REST Industry Super
REST Industry Super is undergoing a major multi-million dollar claims transformation project in the ambition of upping its claims service to provide market leading experience. One year on, REST is beginning the second phase, having already reduced size of its claims form by 50%, reduced end to end cycle times by a month, and delved into the behavioural economics of how customers interact with claims forms, a first for the industry.
  • Looking to process improvement for the evolution and improvement of CX
  • Listening to what your customers want: talking to claimants rather than deciding internally
  • Overcoming the challenge of a highly casual workforce
  • What’s working and what’s not? Looking at successful global counterparts
  • Leveraging behavioural economics and Human-Centred Design

Amelia Butler

National Manager, Member Service
REST Industry Super

4:10 PM - 4:50 PM Providing an End to End Claims Experience Through Transforming Process and Service Model to Retain Customers

Stevhan Davidson, Head of Customer Relationships, Sunsuper
Sunsuper has a strong focus on customer experience, having been recognized for this through Contact Centre of the Year, along with a number of other innovation awards. The organisation has transformed its rehabilitation space and reassessed its CX strategy to ensure the best service and delivery design to existing and potential customers. The challenge has been on the experience side, finding the right balance between customer education and engagement.
  • Thinking differently: developing an innovative custom designed product to improve relevance for customer
  • Educating the customer: looking at claims from a new perspective
  • Overcoming the complexity of the value chain and number of parties involved with the claims process
  • Looking to the end to end claims experience: reassessing and reinventing your process and service model
  • Working collaboratively and developing stronger and deeper relationships with all stakeholders
  • Evaluating the current operation and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Focusing on process excellence and continuous improvement to yield sustainable, bottom-line results

Stevhan Davidson

Head of Customer Relationships

4:50 PM - 5:20 PM CHAMPAGNE ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION : What’s Next for Claims?

In three to five years, many insurers will have a contemporary claims platform that will deliver the basis from which to transform their operations. An important driver of performance will be the increased focus on customer expectations and demands. Customer centricity has become synonymous with competitive advantage and market leadership — and this is where claims transformation initiatives offer the greatest value as a strategic differentiator.
  • How do we take advantage of the wealth of data and technology?
  • How does the claims function contribute to the overall data and analytics capabilities of the organization to improve the insurance company’s performance?
  • How do we enhance the customer experience by making the customer a more integral part of the claims process?

5:20 PM - 5:30 PM Wrap Up

5:30 PM - 11:59 PM Networking Drinks